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She Just Wanna Dance

[VERS 1]
Sweet flower
Out the door just to let her hair loose
Out for hours
Just diggin' to the groove
It's all about her
How she feels and the way she moves

[VERS 2]
Smooth vulture
Gettin' ready to hit the town
Bad culture
Put one thought in his mind
He's a hunter
Aim is locked for tonight

She just wanna dance
She wants to move here body to the groove
Unlike you she aint got nothing to prove
Her mind is free Boy you got something to learn

So just accept that
She just wanna dance
her Hips are loose and she is looking so fine
But in your head your thinkin' that should be mine
Your plans are not aligned so leave her alone
And let her dance
On her own

[VERS 3]
You see her
As she dancin' across the room
Inviting figure,
That makes you just assume
Her presence and her moves are meant for you

[VERS 4]
You see him
And his gaze from a mile away
Cold shivers as he makes his way
You accept that
This night is now, down the drain


Has it crossed your mind yet
She might not be into you
Or what you can do

Leave your plans and aim for uh
Have a night with no pursue
Cause tonight, just ain't the night

[REF] x 2

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